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Treating Skin Cancer with Cannabis Oil

As previously indicated, cannabis oil is effective against cancer and it’s even more useful if one can get properly prepared oil, this will surely work to cure skin cancer. By and large, to accomplish this task, only a couple of grams is needed. About 30 grams of perfect indica bud is required. With this amount of starting material, about 3-4 grams of quality oil will be produced. The procedures include:

  • The oil should be applied to the skin cancer and must be covered with a bandage
  • After this, fresh oil should again be applied and the previous bandage replaced after every three or four days; thus the skin cancer is expected to disappear within this timeframe.

As I do advise people to continue with the treatment until the cancer is cured even when and if gone, additional 2 weeks are required to completely cure it as this will eradicate the dead cells totally. Once these directions are followed, no case(s) of re-occurrence has been reported so far.

For posterity sake, it must be noted that a prolong case of skin cancer will take a while to be cured. Conversely, however, even for age-long case of cancer, it may take only about 21 days for the melanoma to disappear.

While this is extreme, then it is also advisable to continue with the treatment until desired result is achieved. Depending on the extent of the damage caused by the cancer and the rate of healing, many folks will heal their skin melanoma in short time.

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    You are certainly right. In it something is also I think, what is it excellent thought.

  2. Maria says:

    Are you for real? I’m against illigal drugs no matter what kids will have a way of getting into things and when I used to watch my cousins when they where little I made sure that they wouldn’t touch my cigarettes. But today’s parents let their kids get away with everything!

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