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CBD Honey

Honey’s healing powers revolve around seasonal allergy relief, digestive aid, enzymes, and when infused with CBD also provides pain-relief, anti-inflammatory,

Girl Scout Cookies Amber Shatter

this elegant, yet powerful shatter offers aromas of cotton candy, earth, fruit and spice all wrapped up into one pungent flavor

High CBD Cannatonic Tincture

Made from 25% Organic Grape Alcohol with a 1:3 Ratio Cannatonic & Lemon Haze. Cannatonic harnesses great medicinal potential with its equal 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD making it great for Muscle spasms, convulsions, nausea, and inflammation and other medical conditions.

Holy Grail OG Wax

A wonderfully citrus and pine smelling Indica Wax, made from award winning strain of pure Kush. Very high potency, great


Some really nice kief…great for sprinkling on top of marijuana in bowls, bongs, blunts and joints with higher levels of THC than just marijuana alone

Organic Indica/Sativa extracts

100% organic grow and organic ethranol extraction process with a variety of high indica and sativa strains. No chemical residue

Purple Shock Tart Amber Shatter

 Sweet Candy aroma, this shatter is guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day. Soft and malleable, but still snaps apart easily when cooled. Large lung expansion and a smooth bold taste that doesn’t burn the nose on the exhale. Helps with anxiety and puts very euphoric thoughts in your mind.  
2.5 grams = $130 

Rick Simpsons Oil/Phoenix tears

High THC buds made with organic ethanol extraction, tested to contain 49% THC and 11.1% CBD. We have limited quantities of it so please leave this product for people with serious illnesses so we can have it on hand for them.